Biology Honors
Physical Science
Science Olympiad

Course Objectives:
     The Biology curriculum is designed to continue student investigations of the life sciences that began in grades K-8 and provide students the necessary skills to be proficient in biology. This curriculum includes more abstract concepts such as the interdependence of organisms, the relationship of matter, energy, and organization in living systems, the behavior of organisms, and biological evolution. Students investigate biological concepts through experience in laboratories and field work using the processes of inquiry. All objectives are in accordance with the Georgia Performance Standards which can be found at

Students who successfully complete this course will be prepared for the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) and the end of course test in physical science. All students in Georgia are required to pass the GHSGT to graduate. Students will also be prepared to perform real world problem solving based on scientific processes and be ready for higher-level science courses.

Work Required of Honors Students

“Honors” implies that this course will be more demanding and there will be more required from the students. The students need to come prepared to learn and to work everyday.

1) Students will do readings and work assignments from the textbook (for homework or classwork). This includes chapter outlines

2) Students will keep an organized notebook that will be graded.

3) Students will do in class and out of class projects. These include article summaries and summer reading projects.

4) Students will demonstrate knowledge on test on quizzes.

Grading System

Grades are weighted by units instead of assignment type

  1. Cells - 20%
  2. Heredity - 20%
  3. Evolution/Classification - 20%
  4. Ecology - 15%
  5. Midterm and Final - 10%
  6. State EOCT - 15%

Quiz Doodle of the WeeK








Quiz Poem of the Week

Biology is Cool

Sometimes it Drools.
Biology rhymes with psychology
which I really need.
Cells rhyme with school bells.
When it rings I yell hooray
the school day ended
just like that molecule project I bended.
but tomorrow is another day
where I get to learn about gamma rays
(Lee Her)


What helps us can hurt us.
Perfect balance can be impossible
What heals us can kill us.
It's all about balance.
Too much of a good thing
Too little of a bad thing
It's all about balance.
(Caitlyn Martin)



Important Dates!!!

November 2009

2– Article #5 Due
– Ch 20-21 Outlines
3 - Evolution vocab Quiz
3 - pGlo Lab write ups need to be done.
6 – Ch 22-23 Outlines
9 - Start Newspaper assignment
13 - Newspapers due/Classification test
13 – Ch39-40 Outlines
19 – Ch 41-42 Outlines
24 – Article #6 Due
25, 26, 27 - Thanksgiving Holidays



August 2011

Ecoligy Projects are due on Dec 4.

No work will be taken after Dec 4!!

Dec 7-9 - work on Farming subdivision projects
Dec 10 - present proposals to class and comission.

14, 15 - EOCT
18 - Final Exam

Documents and useful information

General Classroom Information


Farming Subdivision Project

Cells Unit

Heredity Unit

Evolution / Classification Unit

Ecology Unit