Jackson County School System

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Rigor, Relevance and Relationship Gifted Education in Jackson County

The “relentless pursuit of academic excellence” is more than just words on a page for Jackson County. It is our policy to challenge all students and provide opportunity for them to succeed at the top of their ability. The goal of the gifted education program in Jackson County is to provide instruction that allows for a mentoring relationship to develop between the student and the teacher of the gifted as well as offering content that is relevant and rigorous. Eligibility into the gifted program adheres strictly to state guidelines. A variety of models, as outlined by the State of Georgia, are used to meet the needs of our gifted population. The models used are based on student population and personnel availability. All gifted eligible students are served for a minimum of 5 segments per week. With an ever increasing gifted population, Jackson County has strived to develop courses that meet the intellectual and emotional needs of gifted students through the following program offerings.

Elementary Challenge

Each elementary school provides 5 segments of Resource Enrichment to each gifted eligible student. This class is interdisciplinary in nature reaching across content areas to address student strengths as well as interest. The thematic units have been developed by certified gifted teachers and are used county wide. Student progress is reported to parents through a Gifted Addendum. Project based learning is the focus of the interdisciplinary units giving students opportunity to experience real world learning whenever possible. The Challenge Science Fair is the highlight of the year and affords opportunity for elementary gifted students to do independent research that is presented and judged by an authentic audience and reviewed by their peers. The awards ceremony is a huge draw for parents, students and community partners.  

Elementary Challenge Websites

Benton Elementary

East Jackson Elementary

Gum Springs Elementary

Maysville Elementary

North Jackson Elementary

South Jackson Elementary

West Jackson Intermediate/Primary

Middle School Challenge

The dominant model for middle school gifted services is Advanced Content through Reading/Language Arts and Math. This content is delivered through a traditional resource pull-out model or through collaboration and cluster models depending on personnel availability. The emphasis is developing content and skills that will allow students to enter high school capable of handling the rigor expected in Honors and AP Classes.  

High School

High school gifted students have many opportunities to challenge themselves and extend their learning environment. Honors and AP classes are offered in a variety of subjects which are listed in the school catalogue for each high school. In addition to these traditional advanced opportunities, gifted students may be served through Georgia Virtual School courses, Mentorship Programs, Independent Learning Projects, and Dual Enrollment when these are determined to be appropriate. We actively promote students involvement in the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program.  

Additional Opportunities

Jackson County Schools is devoted to the development of the whole child and pride ourselves in the many students who participate in competitive endeavors through the Fine Arts, CTAE, and Sports. We promote participation in Young Georgia Authors, National Spelling Bee and various content related competitions. We believe every student deserves the opportunity to succeed at their highest potential within their area of strength and interest.